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GeniusMesh is powerful networking platform built exclusively for EMBA alumni to extend the power of the global EMBA network, beyond a single university.

Exclusive EMBA Network
GeniusMesh “Geniuses” network with an exclusive group of alumni globally to learn about exclusive job openings, seeks advice, connect with EMBAs in new locations, share projects, and even hire for their own teams.

of the EMBAs are also hiring managers

of EMBAs willing to hire from their own EMBA network

Explore Confidentially
Most senior-level roles are never published on job boards or career sites. With GeniusMesh, EMBAs gain access to unpublished, confidential roles that can’t be found anywhere else. Geniuses can anonymously browse opportunities and confidentially apply for positions, directly from the platform.

Prepare for the next step in your career


Career advancement doesn’t stop at opportunity identification. GeniusMesh provides the tools and services needed to continue professional growth after the EMBA. With GeniusMesh, you'll be able to identify and use transferable skills to expand your job search, understand strengths and weaknesses, get resume and interview tips, and even access career coaching services.

“I was an international MBA student, and GeniusMesh was instrumental in finding my executive job in the United States. Being new in the American job market, I did not have a strong network, and I found in GeniusMesh a terrific ally to extend my network and have access to premium positions. In a couple of weeks, GeniusMesh connected me to the top management of a company that understands the potential of a global work force and had experience at hiring talent from all around the world. I strongly recommend international candidates to join GeniusMesh.”



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